Sunday, 3 July 2011

By Demons Driven

Nothing for months and then two posts in a day!

Exciting news as my Heavy Metal Qee is finished, the full scoop has been posted on The Heavy Metal Qee Project home page so here is the info for all of you to see.

My Qee is is almost named after the Pantera song "By Demons be Driven" as a little homage to one of my favourite metal bands and here is the back story. 


As the year 2012 approached many world leaders began to see this as an opportunity to unify and subjugate their people and began a process they called the readying in which they attempted to rid the world of anything they saw as a threat to their power. Using the Christian cults as semi-legal vigilante groups to round up and eliminate anything they saw as an affront to God they hoped to rid the world of people who did not fit with their world vision and used the excuse that they were delaying the wrath of God to justify this.

Artists, Protest groups and Musicians of all kinds along with many others were placed into prisons and left to rot; the world leaders thought they had won. The remaining population would do anything their leaders asked, after all they had been saved from the fiery judgement of God.

Then came new years eve 2011, midnight saw the sky turn red and the seas boil.

God spoke to the people of earth, he told them they had wronged him greatly with their actions and that he had thought forgiveness was a right for all his creations but this was obviously not the case. He told them he had given up on earth, that he would give it willingly to Lucifer to do with as he pleased.

The prisons where so many had died began to twist and contort, their metal frames formed animalistic bodies hundreds of meters tall, then the metal began to crack, splinter and break away. Where the metal once was there was now pulsating flesh, the bodies of the dead had merged into abominations.

These where the wrath of God and the children of Satan filled with the fury of the dead and by demon's driven.

Be sure to head over to the Heavy Metal Qee website for some extra pics as well as pics of all the other entry's for the show by some fantastic artists.

Big thanks to Daniel Perry for organising the show and letting me be a part of it.


  1. Wow! Great combination
    of contrasting halves

  2. Thanks Spencer, I really wanted to do something metallic and worn as the litteral translation of "heavy metal" but I also wanted to create something that was reminiscent of the great 80's album artwork which I love and so I kinda just smashed the two ideas together.

    A happy accident was also that it reminds me of one of my fav GPK's "split kit" :)