Thursday, 12 August 2010

and another custom

Let me know if my customs are getting boring :)

This is evidence for why I should always have other people take pictures of my stuff I aint that good with a camera, and I also need a backdrop in my studio (cough spare room cough cough)


  1. Why in the heck would anyone be bored by fantastic customs? That little dood is OUTSTANDING!!!

    Now I can't wait to see the Yoka!!! November is going to take forever to get here! :D

  2. word! He hasn't arrived yet but shouldn't be much longer then I can get stuck in. Not got a clue what to do for him yet and I'm dreading the possibility that I will get the Buff Monster, if that happens I will need to track down another somewhere (and steal it haha)!

  3. This guy rocks Bro! What did you use to make that ray-gun? It looks great!

  4. Your skulls ROCK!!

    Time for you to do
    one million customs
    this year and post
    them all - Narf! :P