Monday, 9 August 2010

more customs

3 days in a row! I am a blogging machine!!

Don't worry soon I will run out of past material and have to find something a little less self indulgent to blog about but I just wanted to share a few other customs which I did for the October Toys holiday trade last year.

Again I have stolen the pics from the "lucky" recipient Ralph Niese

Now the more observant among you will notice that one off these customs is similar in concept to the great Present dunny customs done around the same time by Reactor88but I promise that they were done at the same time and no plagiarism on my part was involved at all. I couldn't believe it when Reactor88 revealed his, his execution of the idea was fantastic and I was a little jealous tbh.

The second custom was just a straight repaint of a Buffmonster 1.5" fig inspired by the coldest winter I remember living through.

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